The Four Lords’ Saga Series

This Regency Romance series of novellas starts with four Lords making a wager on marrying before age 30. And to make it a little more difficult, all marriages need to be love matches. There can be no marriages of convenience. Any Lord who marries for wealth or power and not for love has to pay the other three £500 each.

The Four Lords’ Saga books 1 and 2 revolve around two house parties with identical but also with very different outcomes in some respects. Such house parties were designed to find a spouse or promote liaisons.

Below are the main characters; the four lords and their fair ladies. Click the links under each book below to read it on the platform of your choice.

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Lord Windmere-Matt-cover_Nx445Book 1 – Lord Windmere

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Lord Weirlane-Crispin-cover_Nx445Book 2 – Lord Weirlane

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Lord Foxdown-Fox-cover_Nx445Book 3 – Lord Foxdown

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Marquess of Windmere

Heir apparent to the Duke of Castlemeade (Jonathan Edmund Fremont), Matthew Edmund Fremont is known as Lord Windmere, Matthew to family, and Matt to close friends. At six feet and three inches, Matt is a big man like his father, muscular with dark brown hair and piercing green eyes.

Unlike his father, with the reputation of a hardened rake prior to his marriage to Matt’s mother, his own exploits with the ladies are very subdued and usually include only a willing widow on occasion.With a friendly air and a care for decorum, he makes it a point to dance with several of the wallflowers at every ball he attends in order to bring them to the attention of marriageable men.

With five sisters who have begun to be introduced to London’s society, he has sympathy for those young ladies who are ignored by many. However, he does make it a point to not give undue attention to any one lady and raise her hopes in his regard.

Like his three friends, he is also running from parson’s mousetrap.

The Duke of Weirlane

Crispin Alan Copley is known as Your Grace, formally, Crispin to family, and Crisp to close friends. At 25, he is the youngest of the four lords, but the only one who has attained his title with the early death of his father in a riding accident. The second child in his family and the only son, he has one older sister Marguerite—married two years earlier to the Earl of Briarmeade—and three younger sisters.

In spite of his title, the duke is not as mature as his mother would prefer for the responsibility he has. At present, he is relying too much on his stewards, but this is not a problem as yet. His main occupation is enjoying the company of his close friends and the occasional liaison with one of the beautiful widows that graces the balls held in London.

With his title, athletic build, dark coloring and too expressive eyes, he is a prime target for every matchmaking mama and plotting debutante in London. So far, he and his friends have avoided becoming leg-shackled.

The Marquess of Foxdown

Gareth Edward Russell, known as Lord Foxdown, or Fox to close friends and Gareth to family, is also the heir apparent to the Duke of Wilkington.  He is the oldest of five sons at age twenty-eight, looks like a strawberry blonde Adonis and has a sly wit. However, because of his future title, he could be five feet tall, have buck teeth, a potbelly, be bald with a stutter, and the ladies would still flock to him.

His father, the duke, has had enough of his son’s sexual exploits and lack of responsibility and has taken him in tow to acquaint him with his future duties as far as his estates and his family.

When told of this training, Fox acquiesced and has become quite adept as he is the most intelligent of the duke and duchess’s children. The only request that he has ignored is for him to find a wife and begin his nursery.

 Earl of Brookton

Julius Ignatius Lagrant is heir apparent to the Marquess of Bexton and is known as Lord Brookton, or Jules to close friends. These friends are the only ones who can get away with teasingly calling him Jil to his face, due to his initials, as he hates his middle name.

He is the oldest son with one brother and four sisters, all with hair ranging from strawberry blond to dark red.

Fiery haired with a temper to match, Jules is also the shortest of his friends at only five feet and ten inches. Although not the most handsome of the four lords, he has plenty of admirers in the ladies of the ton due to his future title and prowess in the bedroom.

Determined to wait for at least another ten years before even considering marriage, Lord Brookton is still feeling the pressure from family to look for a wife.

Lady Jane Anne Thornton

The daughter of an earl, she and her family have the adjacent estate to the Fremont family. Known as Janie to family and friends, she and Matt have been good friends since they were young children. Unknown to him, Janie has had a tendre for him since he carried her home when she fell out of a tree and hurt her arm. He became her knight in shining armor. Even now, she gets very nervous around him and occasionally an accident happens.

Unfortunately for her, there is one at the house party who is determined to wed the Marquess and notices that Janie cares for him. She will make life miserable for this special friend of Matt’s.

Lady Catherine Benton

Lady Catherine and Crispin, the Duke of Weirlane, grew up together and have always had a strong friendship. He had been very protective of her especially in regard to the rowdier elements among the boys they knew as children.

Unbeknownst to him, she has been in love with him for many years. His nickname for her is ‘Cat.’ She should not be at this house party as she is an innocent, and what goes on at Lady “Merry Widow’s” house parties should never be a topic of conversation with a genteel lady. However, Lady Catherine’s father, an earl who is aware of the reputation of these house parties, has sent his hated daughter in the hopes she is seduced and he might marry her off to the highest bidder as he is set to wed his mistress and wants Catherine out of the house permanently.

Lady Anna Marie Copley

Lady Anna, the daughter of a duke, is three years younger than her brother and the next eldest of four sisters to the Duke of Weirlane, one of Lord Foxdown’s best friends. Considered plain by many, Foxdown thinks she is beautiful with lovely eyes and the longest eyelashes he’s ever seen.

She is a victim of coup de foudre—love at first sight—and unaware that Fox is one as well. Because of this lady, Foxdown has become celibate in order to establish a good relationship with Anna, his preferred name for her. At present, the biggest obstacle to their future happiness is her brother, the Duke of Weirlane.

Lady Corina Russell

Raised in a house full of men, Lady Corina is the troubled, youngest daughter of a duke, with five older brothers who are very protective of their little sister.

Little sister, though, comes with a caveat as she is five feet ten inches tall and can almost look all of them in the eye when standing. Trained in the art of fighting, she is not one you want as an enemy. She is beautiful and dangerous.