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Few dress designers could match the genius of Charles Frederick Worth. That’s why many see him as ‘the father of haute couture.’ I will say that this series of blogs has been fun. I love the beautiful dresses and other garments he designed. And his influence is even felt down to today.

As I promised, I am not going to ‘talk’ this post. I’m going to let you enjoy some more of the magnificent gowns that Worth created.


Carriage Ensemble for Baroness Violet von Mickelsburg

Saved to Historical Costume Porn (and other historical things)

Cape, House of Worth, 1889

(The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Dress by House of Worth 1883-1888

Afternoon Dress, House of Worth 1885

Deep Purple Silk Dress, House of Worth 1883-1885

Tea Gown, House of Worth 1890’s

(Kent State University)

Court Presentation Gown, House of Worth

Attribution St. Edmundsbury Borough Council

Tea Gown, House of Worth c.1890-1895

Royal Ontario Museum

Evening Dress, House of Worth 1885-1890

Silk Damask, ribbed silk and chiffon embroidered with beads

Silk Ball Gown, House of Worth 1895-1900

Gown for Royalty, House of Worth 1875-1876

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Evening Ensemble, House of Worth c.1888

(The Met)

Evening dress and fur-lined coat, House of Worth 1885

Evening gown, House of Worth 1883 Printed silk moire

Chicago History Museum

Evening Dress, House of Worth ca. 1894

Black satin with cut velvet motifs and rhinestone details, trimmed with Chantilly lace

Front of Evening Dress, House of Worth 1885


Back of Evening Dress, House of Worth 1885


Evening Dress, House of Worth c.1894


All of these lovely creations are merely a drop in the bucket of what the House of Worth designed over the nearly 100 years they were in business. There are at least 23,000 copies of gowns and other garments created during that time.

At the end of this blog, I’ve listed a number of pages on Pinterest.com that show many of the gorgeous day, tea, and evening gowns that were among those designed by this wonderful fashion house. But, be forewarned. You will need several hours to peruse the magnificent clothing of the House of Worth. Enjoy!

Gianna Thomas




Charles Frederick Worth

Charles Frederick Worth Couture

Charles Frederick Worth Fashion

Charles Frederick Worth 1860

Charles Frederick Worth Gowns

Charles Frederick Worth, House of Worth

Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895)

Charles Frederick Worth

Charles Fredrick Worth


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