Attending a Ball

Attending a Ball - LATEST_COVER_1600x2400_445“Melanie, guess what?”

“What, Lizzy? Tell me immediately what you want to do.”

“You know that my ball gown is two years old, and I need new fabric, lace and ribbons for a new one. So…I asked Papa if I could go to Town to shop at Uncle Gardiner’s warehouse for some beautiful silk fabric for a new gown, and Papa said yes. 


For a few minutes, silence reigned. Then, with an unnerving move for the passengers, the coach suddenly slid sideways, struck a large rock on the side of the road, tipped and began to roll sideways. Screaming horses, being dragged along, were heard as the coach continued its roll down an incline and eventually came to a stop. All was quiet in the coach.


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